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Yoga and Fitness

I teach yoga so that I can share my passion with those around me, so that they too can feel the many benefits of this extraordinary practice. Based in the Vaughan area, my intention at Yoga with Andreea is to help you connect to your inner self and body, and to help you find the courage to step out of your comfort zone. I offer vinyasa classes that are suitable for all levels - there is something for everyone.

Yoga is for every body.

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Classes for Everyone

Andreea's vinyasa classes are a mix of flow and dynamic postures to get your body moving, all while helping you to connect to an inner sense of calm. Yoga is not just a physical practice, it helps us in every aspect of our life from the moment we step off the mat. 


Andreea's classes are amazing! She covers a variety of poses and exercises that leaves me feeling rejuvenated and relaxed afterward, while also getting a great workout in! She is also very open to any input or ideas for future classes which is great!


Yoga is not a workout. Yoga is a workin.

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